EVENT: Google Wallet & You: A Mobile Payment System Strategy (Session Code: 609)
“The ability to use a smartphone to replace your credit card has been in place in Asia and Europe for years. As this trend gains momentum in the United States, what does your credit union need to know about the technology, the key players, and what your members are expecting to be able to do with it?”

Illinois Pricing:
Affiliate: $ 100.00
Non-Affiliate: $200.00

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Regular: $ 150.00

Contact: Drew Kayvani (Illinois Credit Union League)
Phone: 630-983-3418
Fax: 630-983-3212
Email: drew.kayvani@ilcusys.org

Speaker: Tim Bohlman
Speaker Bio:
Tim Bohlman is vice president of Web Solutions for CU Solutions Group, where he oversees all web development and implements new software and Internet technologies including the MCUL/CUcorp/CU Solutions Group Intranet and websites as well as numerous credit union websites


Location 1:
Telephone - Quickbite - July 31, 2012: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 11:00 am CT

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