EVENT: Safe to Grow Again in 2013 (Session Code: 427)
Credit unions have been operating in a world where growth has had to be redefined. Recognizing changes and opportunities within your market is definitely fundamental if you hope to rebuild profitability and achieve competitive advantage. But what does growth look like now? For some, growth will be organic deepening relationships with current members. For others, greater growth and profitability will come through expansion much of which has been happening through increased merger and acquisition activity. This fast-paced session introduces the audience to 6 areas of opportunity for credit unions in 2013. While the level of opportunity will vary from one credit union to the next, this session will have you thinking differently about growth and the current state of the industry and the opportunities that may be available in your own markets.

Illinois Pricing:
Affiliate: $ 50.00
Non-Affiliate: $200.00

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Regular: $ 50.00

Contact: Drew Kayvani (Illinois Credit Union League)
Phone: 630-983-3418
Fax: 630-983-3212
Email: drew.kayvani@ilcusys.org

Speaker: Joe Sullivan
Speaker Bio:
Joe Sullivan is a consultant, a speaker, and an entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Market Insights, and has over twenty years of experience working with community banks and credit unions. With a focus on both individual and organizational growth, Joe often challenges conventional thinking and works to create a sense of excited urgency with bankers because he believes that every business, including his own, must continually evolve to survive and prosper.


Location 1:
Telephone - QB - February 26, 2013: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 11:00 am CT

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