EVENT: Managing Your Loan Portfolio to Increase Profitability and Minimizing Delinquencies (Session Code: 428)
Can successful credit unions build a strong loan portfolio in a slow-moving economy where bankruptcies and unemployment remain exceedingly high and consumer confidence at an all-time low? Absolutely!
Explore the dynamics of the economy and its impact on credit unions
Learn what you can do to increase quality profitable loans
Determine the best approach to attract the 18-to-24-year-old demographic group
Identify ways to turn high risk members into low risk loyal members
Explore the power of rethinking, outthinking, and innovating with creative lending strategies

Illinois Pricing:
Affiliate: $ 100.00
Non-Affiliate: $200.00

Out of State Pricing:
Regular: $ 150.00

Contact: Cheryl Washington (Illinois Credit Union League)
Phone: 630-983-3417
Fax: 630-983-3212
Email: cheryl.washington@ilcusys.org

Speaker: Celeste Cook
Speaker Bio:
Celeste Cook is a keynote speaker as well as a consultant and trainer. She has worked in the credit union industry for 20+ years and has been a professional speaker and trainer for more than 15 years. Celeste is President/ CEO of cuStrategies, LLC, which provides consulting services and training programs to the credit union industry. She previously worked for a $1.6 billion credit union in Atlanta, Georgia and worked as a consultant with Rex Johnson of Lending Solutions Consulting.


Location 1:
Telephone - February 25, 2014: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 11:00 am CT

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