EVENT: ATM & Electronic Fraud Prevention (Session Code: 470)
ATMs are a high‐profile target for criminals and threats to this channel are evolving every day. As a result, ATM security is one of the most technically challenging areas of a financial institution’s operation. A comprehensive, multi‐layered security approach that pinpoints every attack vector is the most effective way to secure ATMs. This approach includes consumer safety, physical security, fraud protection and logical security. It involves deploying hardware, software and services designed to protect against all breaches. Simply implementing an ATM security program that ensures compliance is not enough.

Financial institutions must regularly monitor, review and update their programs to anticipate and mitigate ever‐changing threats. They must follow industry‐standard security procedures for physical access, password management, software updates and more. A secure ATM is critical in maintaining consumer confidence, as well as preserving a financial institution’s brand. In this session we will review how a proactive approach to ATM security helps institutions stay ahead of threats:

• Physical security solutions, such as anti‐skimming technology
• Logical security measures, like antivirus software, that can help you mitigate attacks
• Tips for consumers to help identify potential problems at the terminal

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Contact: Cheryl Washington (Illinois Credit Union League)
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Speaker: B. Scott Harroff
Speaker Bio:
B. Scott Harroff, chief information security architect, Diebold Integrated Services is responsible for leading Diebold’s customer-facing information security initiatives. He ensures that products and services are consistent in their information security architectures and meet the necessary information security standards. He is also responsible for identifying information security solutions and partners needed to complement the physical security solutions to expand Diebold’s information security offerings.


Location 1:
Telephone - May 06, 2014: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 11:00 am CT

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