EVENT: Converting Indirect Borrowers to Multi Relationship Members (Session Code: 484)
Indirect Borrower Conversion is a golden opportunity for credit unions. In this session, you will learn 3 things you can immediately start or stop doing to enhance your conversions.
• History
• Missed opportunities & costs
• Potential returns
What’s Been Tried
• Welcome letters
• Phone calls
• Studies
• Peer surveys

Illinois Pricing:
Affiliate: $ 100.00
Non-Affiliate: $200.00

Out of State Pricing:
Regular: $ 150.00

Contact: Cheryl Washington (Illinois Credit Union League)
Phone: 630-983-3417
Fax: 630-983-3212
Email: cheryl.washington@ilcusys.org

Speaker: Keith Winn
Speaker Bio:
Keith Winn is an Innovator, Problem Solver and Author. As President of National CU Income Services and EVP of GreenProfit Solutions, Keith is no stranger to presenting on a wide variety of topics. He has been invited to speak about short and long-term profitability strategies for the Kentucky CU League, Minnesota and Virginia Societies of CPAs and even led web discussions for members of the Pennsylvania CU Association. Additionally, he has composed dozens of articles and multiple white papers, many of which are published in industry reads that have probably visited your desk. His latest white paper, Converting Indirect Borrowers to Multi-Relationship Members, has been read and utilized by hundreds of CU industry professionals. Keith’s research and insights into this, and, in fact, every challenge he has confronted over his thirty years of experience, resonates with that same commitment to helping others overcome challenges and achieve their goals.


Location 1:
Telephone - June 04, 2014: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 11:00 am CT

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