EVENT: Personal Survival - 25 Rules to Live By - 1/2 Off Special!!!! (Session Code: 604)
In this presentation, we examine:
• What events often occur -- personally and professionally -- that will likely lead to violence
• Who the offenders really are -- and how they target potential victims
• When to act – and when to wait for an opportunity to act
• How intended victims become most vulnerable -- and what options exist
• Where are the most common locations for offenders to attack -- and how to recognize potentially dangerous situations
• Why targets of violent events survived -- the benefits of logical vs. emotional decision-making
• How using hypothetical problem-solving scenarios helps you to create effective self-defense plans

This presentation is designed to help you:
• Understand how acts of social and workplace violence can occur anywhere -- at any time
• Show the proven links between a person's lifestyle and his/her vulnerability to a personal attack -- and the critical risk behaviors of both victims and offenders
• What to do when you come face-to-face with any aggressor
• Demonstrate just who the violent offenders are and who they target
• How to keep offenders from getting under your “radar” and into your personal “safety zone”
• Understand which acts of violence are the most common and most predictable -- and which ones generally offer no warning

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Contact: Cheryl Washington (Illinois Credit Union League)
Phone: 630-983-3417
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Email: cheryl.washington@ilcusys.org

Speaker: Dana Turner
Speaker Bio:
Dana Turner is a security professional based in Pipe Creek, Texas. Dana has served as a law enforcement officer in several capacities -- including the investigation of business and financial institution crimes -- and he is celebrating more than four decades of crime prevention and institution security. As a speaker and conference facilitator, Dana has delivered thousands of platform, telephone and Internet presentations. He has designed and participated in continuing education programs offered by state and national banking and credit union associations, state and federal examining and law enforcement agencies -- and state and national security, audit and human resources organizations.


Location 1:
Telephone - July 09, 2014: 10:00 am CT
Duration: 12:00 pm CT

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